Boride Premium 8 Seg Transitional Ceramics 3″

Made with Blue Star Diamond Technology™, Premium 8 Segment Transitional Diamonds are designed to transition from the metal bond diamond grinding process to the resin polishing process. This technology is a unique ceramic bond matrix that holds the diamond particles together, giving you a long lasting and efficient polishing pad.

This pad eliminates metal bonded scratches during the floor polishing process. Refining metal scratches improves the longevity and reflectivity of the floor so you can achieve the best quality finish. Thanks to the ceramic bond of the Blue Star Diamond Technology, you can skip the traditional last metal step and still efficiently remove those difficult metal scratches. It also saves time by removing the scratches in just one or two passes versus the five or six passes a resin-bonded pad would require.

Product Details

  • Purpose: Eliminates metal bond scratches and hones your floor in preparation for the polishing steps
  •  Flooring types: Soft, medium and hard concrete, plus terrazzo and overlays
  •  Grinding types: Wet or dry
  •  Machine compatibility: Scanmaskin, Husqvarna, HTC, SASE, and others
  •  Mounting style: Velcro
  •  Expected lifespan: 15,000-25,000 sq. ft.
  •  Available Grits: 50, 100, 400
  •  Grade: Soft or medium
  •  Pad size: 3”



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