Crete Colors C2 Pin Fix

Liquid C2 Pin Fix mixes with the dust created while grinding concrete floors to create a super-durable matrix that automatically fills pinholes, small air voids and pop-outs, micro-cracks and other gaps in the concrete surface during grinding. Crete Colors C2 Pin Fix creates a monolithic surface that polishes faster, easier and more effectively. With gaps and imperfections filled, the floors accept hardener/densifiers, protective treatments and color-stains and hardeners more evenly. Low-odor, VOC compliant C2 Pin Fix also makes floors easier to maintain by eliminating the tiny nooks and crannies in concrete that trap and accumulate soil and other contaminants. The easy-to-apply treatment dries fast and is suitable for any floor undergoing grinding, from warehouse-industrial to highly polished aesthetic floors.

ADVANTAGES • Easy application with pump-up sprayer. • Automatically fills gaps, voids and pop-outs during grinding operations. • Quickly cures to concrete hardness. • Dilutable with clean water to meet a variety of job site and equipment conditions. • Treated surfaces polish faster and easier. • Protective treatments, colorants and other applications go on more smoothly and evenly. • Treated floors are easier to maintain; less likely to trap dirt and other contaminants. • Complies with all known AIM VOC regulations. • Conforms to leading green building standards and code criteria.



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