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The “next generation” cleaner and degreaser for light-to-heavy soiled concrete, tile, masonry and more.


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C2 Clean is a specially designed concentrated daily maintenance cleaner for concrete floors to remove most common soiling deposits. It’s ideal for concrete floors everywhere, from warehouses and manufacturing plants to schools, stores, hospitals, restaurants and more. Used as part of a comprehensive maintenance program, fragrance-free C2 Clean helps ensure the highest appearance and performance standards for all indoor concrete flatwork. Though C2 Clean is specifically made for floors treated with Crete Colors lithium hardeners/ densifiers, it’s perfect for almost any concrete floor. Recognized by the EPA’s Safer Choice program, C2 Clean is formulated to be safer for workers and the environment. The solution also offers more positive environmental and human health characteristics than conventional cleaning formulations.

ADVANTAGES • Recognized by the EPA’s Safer Choice program. • Contains no phosphates, hazardous solvents or environmentally harmful surfactants. • Fragrance free. Dye free. Readily biodegradable. Low Toxicity. • Maintains concrete floor shine. • Removes most common soiling. • Flexible dilution for both surface and deep cleaning. • Concentrated for economy of storage and transport. • No rinsing needed for routine surface cleaning of floors. • Ideal for auto scrubbers

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