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A patented copolymer formulation that seals concrete with a rich, high glossy finish.


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C2 Protector is a penetrating, reactive treatment that provides water, oil and stain repellency for every kind of finished concrete floor. Treated surfaces retain their natural texture and breathability. C2 Protector improves stain resistance and simplifies maintenance cleaning of interior and exterior, horizontal and vertical concrete surfaces. Solvent-based and low-odor, this VOC compliant protective treatment is easily applied with pump-up sprayers.


ADVANTAGES • Resists oil and food stains, and repels water and water-related stains. • Works on floors previously treated with C2 Super Hard, C2 Hard or C2 Hard Blend. • May be applied to surfaces previously treated with C2 Seal or C2 Ultra Seal. • Appropriate for application to any cured concrete, from steel troweled to highly polished. • Low-odor suitable for interior application to occupied buildings. • Fast drying – reduces down time. • Treated surfaces “breathe” – does not trap moisture. • Can be burnished. • Coverage rate higher than typical water repellents or other stain-resistant impregnators. • Re-coatable; penetrates and bonds to concrete previously treated with C2 Protector – no stripping required.

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