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The Purelite Xstream is an innovative respiratory protective system that provides a unique all-in-onerespiratory, eye, face and hearing protection solution. The Purelite Xstream provides integrated protection for users with an unrivalled level of comfort.

System Classification TH2P (APF 20) Self-contained, no trailing leads or hose High stability & quick release headband

High airflow – 210 L/m Very low running costs Low flow warning at 150 L/m 8-hour battery

Purelite Xstream

Powered Air Purifying Respirator, Integrated Eye, Face & Respiratory Protection

Low noise fan motor provides initial rate airflow of 210 l/m (150 l/m minimum at end of battery life). Low battery audible alarm.

Lightweight 1.0kg (nominal) with easily adjusted headband to fit range of head sizes and for wear over protective clothing and     hoods.

Polycarbonate faceshield with nylon elasticated faceseal, clear overlays are available for the faceshield.

On-off switch easily operated with gloved hand.

High efficiency filter with Assigned Protection Factor (APF) of 20.

Air flow indicator pre-checks battery and filter performance and condition.

Wide range of applications including: woodworking & pottery, DIY and building maintenance, food preparation and

processing, fitting of insulation materials such as Rockwool®, dental laboratories, horticulture and pest control.

Equivalent to FFP3 mask.

Hearing protection can be fitted.

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